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Here you shall be the only participant. This workshop shall be specially designed for you. At your convenient time and space.

You can pretty much choose the days if you pre - REGISTER. and you get ready to shoot. We get into the detail of camera mechanics like Shutter, Aperture, different kinds of lenses, mood and tones, Aesthetics and various other things that are required in photography and taught in the best International photography schools of the world. The course format has been insired from them.


Rs 25,000 - 3 sessions - Outdoor Photography + Editing

Rs 50,000 - 9 sessions - Outdoor Photography + Editing + Studio Photography

The personalzed sessions give you complete attention and thus in a short span of time you jump levels in photography and get started in shooting.

The itenerary for the fastest course of 3 days is

Day 1 - Basics, Camera Handling, real time shooting with guidance

Day 2 - Practice - shooting outdoors morning and evenning.

Day 3 - Review and edit.


  1. Begins with indoor sessions, camera mechanics

  2. Outdoor practice shoot everyday in the beaches.

  3. Theory session on basics of photography, practice and editing

The course will also teach you -

  1. understanding your camera

  2. Exposure balance (Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO )

  3. Camera handling

  4. Understanding Digital photography

  5. Understanding exposure

  6. White Balance

  7. Composition rules,

  8. Landscape and cityscape photography

  9. Portraiture

  10. Understanding Outdoor and STUDIO Lighting

  11. Fine Art photography

  12. Handling digital files and Digital negatives (DNG)

  13. Building up stories

  14. Adobe Photoshop for fine editing of your images (basics)