100 women are raped each day. And if you complain... there is a double rape.

They who rape or hit... do not understand that doing such a thing, creates a memory.

And you can never delete a bad memory.

Keeping that in mind and to protect the women of my country. This is a proactive initiative by myself for women. I have had training in the below mentioned martials arts and several others since childhood and continue to do so.

A series of unique self defense workshops mixed with steps from Yoga, Kalaripayattu, Krav Maga, CapoeIra and Stick fighting on the various beaches of Bombay providing your body a lot of stretch and toughness.

These are not just defense workshops, but regular practice sessions, that help get rid of those stubborn calories and also toughens you up physically to defend yourself in dire situations. The workshops have physical exercise regime and are a combination of stretching and other martial arts.

Here we do not claim to prepare you to become a BLACK BELT, but prepare you enough to dodge more than one of your attackers.

Can call me here - 9821918991

Every Mon / Wed / Fri

Batches begin afresh... every month.

Monthly fees - Rs 40,000

Indoors and Outdoors.

breaking bones
MARTIAL ARTS MIXED WITH YOGAhttps://www.facebook.com/Bushidofighters?ref=hl