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The Sunday masterclasses are short fast courses on learnng everything about photography.

Instead of sitting in a classroom the entire workshop happens completely outdoors and in different unique locations in Bombay.

A walk across Marine Drive, Bandra Churches, Forts in Mumbai, Flamingos, Salt Pans... we shoot them all.

The format -

Practice shoot - 1.30 hours on location - Marine Drive, Bandra Churches / Juhu Beach...

Theory  ( Critique / Review / Editing sessions  - Photoshop Basics )

Right from helping you buy a camera to showing you how to use it and also make a career with it.

In 10 flexible sundays you become a skilfull photographer.

Costs 15 Sunday - Rs 45,000

( includes Studio Photography )


  1. On location shoot.

  2. Professional guidance at every step

  3. Theory session on basics of photography and editing

The course teaches you -

  1. understanding your camera

  2. Exposure balance (Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO )

  3. Camera handling

  4. Understanding Digital photography

  5. Understanding exposure

  6. White Balance

  7. Composition rules,

  8. Landscape and cityscape photography

  9. Portraiture

  10. Understanding Outdoor Lighting

  11. Fine Art photography

  12. Handling digital files and Digital negatives (DNG)

  13. Building up stories

  14. Adobe Photoshop for fine editing of your images (basics)

Please see our facebook page where we have all the workshop photos uploaded.




SUNDAY practicals...

Location and theme schedule of Sunday workshops in 2017


April 30

Salt Pans

How to shoot -

Fine Art of Nature, Landscapes, Salt scapes

May 7

Metro trains - Versova

Shooting indoors in a moving train, understanding use of high shutter speed, high Iso...

May 14

Colaba - Gateway

Street Photography, Observation Skills, Understanding Natural Light

May 21

Chor Bazaar - Photo Story, Photo Feature, Magazine Photography

May 28

Elephanta Caves